Books, films, music, art and everything in between

Who’s readingunderpalmtrees?

I am just a 20-something who wants to write about what she likes.

Favourite activities: reading (only under palm trees of course), neuroscience, swimming, every shade of purple, writing, food (who doesn’t), sunny days, travelling, driving, making risky choices with the hope that nothing will go wrong.

Favourite authors: Murakami Haruki, Sylvia Plath, Vladimir Nabokov, Jonathan Franzen, Jeffrey Eugenides, Anais Nin.

Favourite films: Spirited away, 10 things I hate about you, Candy, Blue is the warmest colour, I Origins.

Favourite clothing brands: And Other Stories, Zara, Monki, JADED London, The Ragged Priest, Illustrated People.

Favourite music:

Instagram profile: readingunderpalmtrees

My Listography:

Previous blog (it’s in italian, soz):

That’s all for now.

Linda Arrighi


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