Released: 02 June 2017

Country: USA

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Korey Dane’s sophomore album, “Chamber Girls” came out last week – two years since “Youngblood”. It’s a rock/folk album, inspired by classic American singers like Bob Dylan. It has a “road trip in the wild west” feel to it and Dane definitely pulls it off well with his voice.

The first song, “Half asleep” is quite relaxed and monotone and introduces the lazy feel of this album. Dane said himself the focal point of this album is the moment between rest and action, where we decide that even if we don’t want to we need to start doing something.

“Hard times” is the fastest song in the album and has certainly a California road trip feel to it. “Always” is the least rock-y song, it sounds sad and melancholic and definitely a love song. Similar to it also “Lovesick in a Hotel wildfire”, which has a more careless feel.

“Down in a Hole” expresses the desire to change with a good electric guitar rhythm, while the lyrics feel like it’s a old man talking. “Steady Forever 9th Ave” closes the album in a more definite rock-y tone.

In conclusion, this album shows how Dane got wiser since the first one. The whole album has a goodbye / road trip feel to it, and the folk plays a major part in making it feel western and American. What I don’t like about this album is how similar the songs are, quite monotone and flat and the music never gets too energetic. It’s always kind of lazy and Dane never lets it do the talking over the thought-out lyrics.

I personally think it’s not my kind of album but if you’re into folk, chilled music I would recommend giving it a listen and have a feel for it yourself.

Linda Arrighi

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