This post is different than all the others I’ve written on this blog before. It’s kind of a journal entry and a story at the same time. I hope you enjoy it.

I am locked up in this airport in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing to do for six hours. I might as well write about something. Yesterday my boyfriend came to my apartment after work, we went for dinner and had a lovely night but I had to say goodbye to him early this morning when I left to come to the airport. I have been awake for almost six hours now and he is probably still asleep in my bed. The thought of him sleeping, his hand under the pillow, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open makes me feel nice inside. I feel instantly warmer and want to curl up in bed with him. Also I feel like I want to wake him up and bring him coffee so I can tell him how my day is going – horribly.

I’m going to try and not buy wi-fi access for today, so bear with me as I keep writing. I wish I could just be kind to myself, buy the wi-fi and watch a film or the whole season of a tv series but I do that most days so I decided I am going to force myself and spend a little time inside my head today. Not that I will like it – not at all. It’s a good chance though: nothing to do, nowhere to be and absolutely nothing else to distract myself. The airport is better than the library for this kind of thing. Who would have thought that you need to spend a day at the airport to be productive?

I have always liked to think that I am an easily entertained person but when it comes to travelling I become very picky with my choice of entertainment. I spend a large amount of time thinking about what books to bring and what music I will want to listen to. I do this because I know I will feel very unsettled if I want to read the book that I left at home. I am now used to it and always end up choosing the right book but it was much more tricky in the past. I would end up having to go to bookstores on holiday and beg my mum to buy me books. She would always say: – But you brought books from home! Why do you need more? – and to that I would reply in this loud whiny voice that I absolutely did not want to read them because they weren’t holiday books. In reality I just lost interest in the ones I brought and wanted to have new ones.

I am wondering why I lose interest so easily. I feel like everyone does to a certain extent. Would you not say you get obsessed with something and then move on completely from it at a certain point? However compelling the obsession was, it just vanishes. If you get asked about it, you plainly say that yeah, you know about it and you were into it once but not anymore. Everyone does it, I’m sure. You’re probably thinking that maybe this goes away as you get old but I don’t see it – the less you have to live, the pickier you become with your time, and spend it only on things that are actually interesting and valuable to you. Or at least that’s how I think it should be.

Obviously I am still in this airport. I have not moved, just looking at people. Some are desperately walking back and forth and calling their loved ones to complain about this. I know complaining is not going to solve anything so I’m trying to make something out of this. I have to admit it’s easy to complain and just have negative thoughts. To be honest, I wouldn’t have done anything exciting today anyway. No one asked me when I’ll be arriving so they probably don’t care that I have to spend a full day by myself in the airport. My free cappuccino is cold now. I still have four snacks, a can of fizzy juice and water. I can’t smoke though. It’s killing me. If I could smoke I wouldn’t think this is half as bad. I would only need a couple cigarettes. I should really stop complaining and you are probably thinking the same.

Maybe I should write about what I like about airports. I like every single bit of it. I like going through security because every time I try and do it as fast as I can and whenever I walk through and it doesn’t beep even though I have the most massive ring on I feel so relieved. Then I obviously love all the shops, the bookstores and the restaurants where everyone just sits and waits until the gate is announced. No one really needs to buy or eat anything, it’s merely to pass the time. I like it because for once I’m not frantically looking for something, I am just letting everything soak in. If something catches my eye I look at it but more often than not I don’t buy anything. I might write it down on my phone so that I remember what it is but I will rarely buy something. Either because it doesn’t fit in my bag or because I don’t want to buy something just because I am bored. If I end up buying something it might be a present. Now that I think of it, I need to buy a present.

I’m still here. Back at writing. This is now some five or six hours later. Still not got on that plane. What have I done in all this time? First, I bought a present for my friend Paola. It’s a nice bracelet in her favourite colour. After that I watched people again and for a bit I kept trying to guess where they were going. It wasn’t easy if I couldn’t hear them speaking to each other. I could only look at their clothes and mood. It was a fun game but then I got bored of it. As I said, I lose interest quickly. I finished the first book I had with me.

Being still in the airport makes me think of another time that I had to spend so long in airports due to delays and issues. I was going to Florida with my mum and we had to take three flight on the way there. First and second flight went fine, and we were in Miami. They messed up our tickets on the last flights so our luggage was on it but we weren’t. I was 12 at the time. My mum wanted to stay in Miami for the night and figure out everything the next day. I didn’t like the idea so I acted quickly. I called our friends saying what had happened and they made sure our luggage was kept safe at our destination. I then bought plane tickets to fly to our destination. Problem: we had to get two flights to get there. I thought to myself it was fine. It wasn’t. The first flight was delayed and we would have lost the second one. At this point I was so stressed my nose started bleeding. We got to our first destination and my mum had no idea what to do. I managed to find a facility where you scanned your boarding pass (for the flight that you lost) and it would give you new ones for the same destination. After that we finally arrived. I was so glad and so annoyed at the same time.

I think this story might be close to an end, they announced boarding for the plane in twenty minutes. I am excited to finally be on it but at the same time I’m already so tired of sitting down and try and do anything to keep myself entertained. It was a very long day. I’m glad I didn’t spend it on my laptop. It was a learning experience. There’s always something to learn, about everything. About people, I learnt that no one likes to wait in an airport for a full day and free food does not make it better. About planes, I learnt that you can’t be sure you’re going to be flying somewhere until the plane is actually in the air. About airports, I learnt there isn’t always a smoking area or plugs but there is always a nice lady asking if your day is going ok. About myself, I learnt I should really turn off the screens and observe more. Also that I like airports even when they lock me up for an entire day.

Linda Arrighi

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