Released: 05 May 2017

Country: New Zealand

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Fazerdaze (aka Amelia Murray) just came out with her first album Morningside, self-recorded and full of talent. The album has been referred to as a classic representation of “bedroom pop” and she herself admits to be an hybrid between a bedroom dweller and a musician. This album contains 10 tracks and it’s 30 minutes long, in which Fazerdaze’s songs get from her bedroom to ours in a very intimate but relaxed way.

Fazerdaze EP (which came out in 2014), her previous piece of work, was already promising and this newborn album is just proof that the simplicity and relaxed vibe of Fazerdaze has come a long way. What has changed in Morningside is the richness, complexity and multi-layering that add to the already dreamy singing and guitar tones. Also, the uniformity of the new album reveals an evolution from the plainer, rockier tracks of the first EP towards dream pop melodies.

This new album starts with a track that brings together all that’s good about this album. “Last to sleep” is a slow, dreamy and relatable song about how difficult it can be to fall asleep when a lot is going on. The pace of the guitar in this song accompanies the lyrics really well and the low tone resembles the quietness of some nights.

The album continues with another great song “Lucky girl”, which talks about the constant alternation of love and paranoia whenever you get really close to someone. The chorus goes “I know I’m a lucky girl, / I’m a lucky lucky girl” and it feels like hearing the voice in her head that tries to reassure her whenever her “mind is deceiving”. Despite the topic, the song is still really happy and uplifting.

“Take it slow” is similar to “Lucky girl” in that it has a steady sound and repetitive rhythms/lyrics. Only “Lucky girl” is much more fast-paced while “Take it slow” drags notes for a second longer (probably as the title suggests to do).

“Jennifer”, the only song which was also present in the Fazerdaze EP, is an emotionally-charged song about a long-gone friendship. The sound is more similar to the songs in the new album than to the ones in the EP, and that’s probably why Fazerdaze decided to include it again.

“Friends” and “Half-Figured” are the most rocky of the whole album and they are quite different from the rest. I personally think they do fit in the album but at the same time are more reminding of the sound of the previous EP than of the dreamy n relaxed vibe of the debut album.

The last song in the album, “Bedroom talk”, is the slowest and the more rhythmically diverse. It is a perfect closure for this albumand develops contrasting emotions in the listener as the song proceeds.  “Everything I wanna do is change”, Fazerdaze sings in the chorus. This feeling of unsettledness is not only in the lyrics but also in the instrumental, as the constant chirping of crickets in the background gives an idea of a long wait and a craving for something.

This is a great debut album and would definitely recommend. Fazerdaze is very talented and if she keeps going in this direction she has potential for a much bigger following.

Linda Arrighi

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